Francis' family mainly consists of him and his unnamed father. It is unsure who his mother is,or if he even has a mother, but, because his father is the only one who has appeared on the show, but it is likely that Francis' Mother is also a convict, (if Francis has a mom.). It appears that Francis is an only child, but it is revealed he has older brothers many in prison and a younger brother and sister, it is likely these siblings could be half or step-siblings. His father has been put in jail numerous times, never giving a reason why. Francis and his father have been seen together in a few episodes, including the movie School's Out!: The Musical, but his father had no speaking part, nor has he ever been heard. But everytime you see Francis' father, there are usually always cops with him.

Known Members

Family Tree

                                 Francis' Father + Francis' Mother

Family Gallery

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