• Chester's last name is revealed to be McBadbat.
  • First appearance of Chester's father, Bucky McBadbat.
  • This episode reveals that the reason why Chester has to become a big baseball star is to redeem his family name since his father shamed it by being terrible at baseball.
  • Timmy is the only Baseball Player in his team who uses a Baseball Helmet (everyone else uses their baseball hat).
  • This is the first episode that Timmy and Chester had an argument.
  • In the baseball card that Chester shows Timmy, Bucky is shown holding the bat upside down which is one of the big hints that he WAS one of the worst baseball players in the Major League.
  • A running gag is that people say that Timmy-O's is for pack mules and people making many mentionings and/or references to pack mules during the whole episode.
  • This is one of two episodes where we actually see Bucky's face. Fairy Idol is another episode where we see his face.
  • Apparently Chester's mailbox is shot up and then down like a rocket because people do not like his family name (because of his dad being a terrible baseball player). It somehow happens shortly after someone says Chester and Bucky's last name out loud.


  • Cheerios - The Chester-O's cereal (as well as Timmy-O's) are a spoof on the cereal brand.
  • Peanuts - When Chester (now terrible again) pitches the baseball during the World Series game sequence, the ball whizzes past him and makes him spin around, causing his clothes to come right off. This is a take on a running gag of Charlie Brown.
  • Chester - "Baseball senses... tingling." - This is a parody of Spider-Man's "My spider senses are tingling" phrase.
  • The Bankees are a parody of the New York Yankees, a baseball team with a notoriously high pay roll.
  • Chet Ubetcha - "Mighty Chester has struck out!" - This quote is a variation of the last line of the poem "Casey at the Bat" by Ernest Lawrence Thayer.


  • According to Da Rules you can't use magic to win a competition, but in this episode, Timmy uses magic to help Chester win baseball games. However it could be possible that Da Rules does not allow only Timmy himself to use magic to win a competition not anyone else. However in "Food Fight", Mrs. Turner was unable to win the cooking contest using magic, so this means that the rule may have gotten placed as it was in "Food Fight" due to something happening between this episode and "Food Fight".
  • When Chester has lost his "powers" and is going to home plate to bat, he has a long sleeved undershirt, but when he reaches home plate and faces the umpire, he doesn't have the long-sleeved undershirt.
  • After Chester hit the satellite, some of the pieces started falling, and one falls in front of Chester, but in the next shot, the piece disappears.
  • The scene where Chester wins the game by coming off the bench to catch a fly ball that Timmy was going to get. In reality Chester would be disqualified for this and the catch would be invalid since he is off the field sitting in the dugout/bench.
  • When Chester trips onto the bats they are flung at the New York Bankees, they fall over before the bats hit them.
  • When Timmy says "YES! HE'S GONNA STINK AGAIN!" His cleats are black, but when Chester goes to home plate and Timmy is shown behind him, Timmy's cleats are white.

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