Timmy: Okay, we're playing 3-year olds today, so we might have a chance. Are you ready? Are you in the zone!?
Chester: [looks, and then screams in fear]
Timmy Turner: Come on, Chester! You can do it! Think what your dad would do...

(Chester rushes by people while also stealing bases)
Man: My wallet!!
Old Lady: My watch!!
Mr. Turner: My pants!!
Mrs. Turner: Oh, you came here without those, honey!
Mr. Turner: Right.

Timmy: Now that Chester's so good, he doesn't even need a team anymore!
Cosmo: Well, it can't get much worse, right?
(Chester throws a bat before Timmy's feet)
Chester: Dude, be my packmule and carry my stuff?
Timmy: At least I'll get to touch the equipment.
Chester: That's the spirit! [piles his baseball equipment onto Timmy, and then puts a pack mule feed bag on Timmy's mouth]

Chet Ubetcha: What in the name of vertically challenged newscasters is going on!? Mighty Chester has struck out!

Bankees Player: Let's make a small boy cry!

Timmy: Dude, it may be over for Chester, the greatest baseball player ever, but it's not over for Chester the worst player on our team! And the best part of you stinking again? Is your stinking with your friends, who also stink!
Chester: You mean... together we're a giant odor!?
Timmy: An odor so large, your dad can't help but be proud of you!

Timmy: [To the Bankees] Stop laughing at my friend! You're still down by twenty nine runs with one inning left! There's no way you can catch us!
(Ten minutes later... Bankees' points are now shown closer to the Losers' points by one)
Chester: I can't believe they're about to catch us.
Timmy: Hey, we got two outs.
Chester: Only because one guy laughed himself into a coma, and another guy got traded to Boston as he rounded second.
Timmy: One more out and we win. Legally! Just pitch. I have a plan.

Chet Ubetcha: Bases loaded. Bottom of the 9th. One out to go. I'm extremely handsome.

Timmy: Hey Batta, Batta. Hey Batta, Batta. Hey, Batta, Batta. SWING!
(Ball goes by, Bankees player swings and misses before the ball is caught)
Bankees Player: Hey! Knock that off! It's very distracting!

Chet Ubetcha: Losers win! Losers win! Losers win!

(After accidentally knocking out all of the Bankees)
Chester: Even though they are unconscious, they are still making 3,000 dollars a second!

Bucky McBadbat: Here ya go son, your own bag. (places bag on Chester's head)
Chester: Awesome!

Mr. Turner: (stands in audience in underpants) Gee honey, I wish I had some help finding my pants.
Timmy: (to his fairies) Okay, go ahead. (Cosmo and Wanda poofs pants onto Mr. Turner)
Mr. Turner: (notices his pants) Neat! (finds coupon in his pockets) A coupon for Timmy O's? Those are for pack mules!
Cosmo and Wanda: Last time?
Timmy: Last time.

Timmy: That's Chester! The worst player on the team! That's how he got the nickname Chester, The Worst Player on the Team.
Wanda: Apparrently the other team doesn't see him as much as a threat.

Chester: A lousy friend? That's what you think, after I fed you, brushed your coat, and let you carry my stuff?! [angry] Fine!!! Then I guess I'm not your friend anymore! [There's a sudden flash of light and something is expelled from Chester] Well gotta go! My dad's up there and I am going to win the World Series! [Chester trips over his shoelaces causing the other Dimmsdale Losers to fall down like dominoes]
Timmy: [To Cosmo and Wanda] What happened?
Wanda: Remember when you wished that your 'friend' was good at baseball?
Timmy: Yeah?
Cosmo [Head turns into Chester's] "I guess I'm not your friend anymore!" [Turns his head back to his own] That means the wish was cancelled!

Cosmo: He can't hit or run, but when he gets out, he's the king!

Timmy: We're playing against 3-year-olds so we might have a chance. Are you ready? Are you in the zone?

Home Plate Umpire: You're out! You're out! You're out! You're out!

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