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To see the past "Featured Article of the Week," refer to the archive page.

Users may vote for an article they think deserves to be featured on the main page. This will allow visitors of the wiki to more easily access this article, which will be added to a random rotation of all of our articles. The article will also be featured in the community message box the week it was nominated, as well as show up in the Recently Nominated list for three weeks.


  1. Please, do not vote for a character/episode ONLY because he/she is recently featured or you like him/her.
  2. Vote for an article that is of good quality (i.e. it is informative, referenced properly, up to date, etc).
  3. Feel free to add characters/episodes we forgot to add to the nominations (Do not add them to the poll!), but consider that they MUST be of notability and have a finished article page to be considered.
  4. Featured article pages should have little to no red links or links to stub pages.
  5. Episode featured articles should have trivia/references, quotes, list of character appearances, and picture gallery tabs all filled out.
  6. Important characters should use a character tab to divide up their page. Likewise, they should have trivia/references about the character, quotes from the character, list of episodes they appeared in, and a picture gallery with at least several images.

See the Voting Policy for more rules and guidelines on voting.

Note: Vote counts are reset every time an article is featured. In situations where the final tally was close, the runner up article will be featured the next week.

What article do you think should be featured?

The poll was created at 04:56 on August 8, 2011, and so far 25 people voted.

If you would like to nominate an article, add them below this line.



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