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Forum "Did You Know...?" Nominations

Suggest a "Did you know...?" about any topic relating to The Fairly OddParents. Please do not support your own nomination and please do not support one nomination more than once.

No ballot box stuffing. All votes must be signed. Multiple votes by the same user will be deleted or merged into a single vote. Anonymous votes will not be considered.

Users may change or remove their own votes at any time. Any votes that are altered or removed by a different person will be restored, and the votes cast by the offender may be negated at the discretion of an admin.

Previous nominations may be viewed in the Archive.
Please do not add any new nominations after the 20th of the month so that each one will have enough time to be voted on.

To create a new nomination, copy the code shown below. Edit the entire page, and paste in the code at the bottom of the page. You can then change the "enter nomination here" line to your nomination.

=== Nomination #x ===
<font size="3">Did you know...</font><br>
''enter nomination here''

# If you support this nomination, enter your reason for your support and sign your name.

# If you do not support this nomination, enter your reason here and sign your name.

# If you have any comments about the nomination, enter them here.


Nominations for November 2010

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