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This article is about Forgeticen. For the memory wipers, see Memory Wipers.

Forgeticen, Forget-a-cin, or Forgeticin, is something that was included in the Extra-Strength Memory Wipers. It is only mentioned in the episode "Fairy Idol".

Disclaimer from Fairy Idol

Forgeticin side effects might include nausea, blurred vision, drowsiness, and stomach cramps. Your doctor may have to perform a painful blood test to see if Forgeticin is right for you. Forgeticin should not be used in the presence of cats, banjos, and Democratic presidents. Forgeticin, don't forget it. Forget what? Why am I here? Who are you people?


  • The disclaimer for Forgeticin is the second time real-life politics are mentioned in the series (Democratic presidents). The first time is in "The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker!" when Timmy travels back to 1992 and one of the cars has a sticker for Clinton/Gore.

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