• Almost all the wishes Timmy made with the magic wand that Wanda poofed for him all backfired on him somehow close to the end of the episode.
  • Timmy only used 8 of his 10 wishes, but he still ran out of wishes to use, however he could have made more wishes off-screen.
  • This episode could be a warning to not overuse stuff.
  • Wanda is angry at wishing first in Fairly Odd Baby.


  • Transformers - When Timmy Turner wishes that the car becomes a robot, it is an obvious reference to the franchise. Also, the car he was riding was a "Hummer", which parodies the General Motors' character, Ironhide, that appears in the recent film.
  • Hulk Hogan - One of Timmy's bodyguards resembles Hulk Hogan.

Running Gags

  • People saying that certain people smell like cow butt.
  • Timmy saying, "I've got, like, 8 wishes left!" (ever since he was left with 8 wishes).


  • When Mr. Crocker shouts "Aah! I smell like cow butt!", the captions say A in place of LIKE, as in "Aah! I smell a cow butt"
  • Timmy supposedly uses his last wish to conjure up a robot, but when you count the wishes Timmy makes with the wand, he still has 4 wishes left; although, he may have made 2 more offscreen.

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