Wanda: Cosmo thinks everything is funny. Watch. [floats over to Cosmo] Pudding.

Cosmo: [laughs uncontrollably while holding the April Fool by the shirt] She said pud- and then -ding! [smacks the April Fool and laughing continues]

April Fool: And that Jorgen von Strangle! Have you seen that guy's forehead? They should call it a five-head [Holds up hand, then poofs another finger on to his hand. Jorgen and the other fairies laugh.]

Jorgen: Hahaha, funny, hahaha! [realizes what the April Fool said] Hey!

Jorgen: I fear we will never know who's was knocking, but I will make it my mission in life to find out!!!

Jorgen: [grabs the April Fool] Ah, now tell me who was knock-knock knocking!!! 

April Fool: Can't breathe! What's up with that?

Timmy: A stuffed groundhog?

A.J.: And just watch what happens when it sees it's shadow. [groundhog looks at own shadow then attacks Timmy]

Timmy: I have gum.

April Fool: Is it spearmint?

Timmy: Yup.

April Fool: I'm in!

Cosmo: Hahaha!.... He said I'm... hahahaha! [laughs continuously]

Wanda: Pudding.

Cosmo: What? That's not funny!

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