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  • This episode aired in Poland on June 2, 2011, before airing in the USA.
  • Crepe Suzette has her ear on her neck, just like Mr. Crocker.
  • The music that plays over the title card is a fast version of Pull Back The Fairies from "School's Out!: The Musical".
  • We see Cosmo looking fat again just like in "Just Desserts".
  • This is the second (and so far last) time Wanda burps, the first was in Just Desserts!.



The International House of Mom

Titlecard-Food Fight
  • Food Fight - is a form of chaotic collective behavior, by throwing food to people as projectiles.
  • Mr. Turner declares himself as the "alpha meatloaf" which refers to how on some animal groups, the leader is the "alpha" one.
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - On the title card, there was a living roasted chicken being hit by Timmy; This is likely a reference to the scene where Flint, Sam and Brent fight roasted chickens.
  • Alien - When the casserole grabs on to Timmy's face, Mr. Turner says "I'll get that off before it lays eggs in your brain" which makes a clearly reference to whereas when the titular alien laid eggs on a person's chest.


  • You can easily see the Mexican flag doesn't have a seal on it and it looks more like the flag of Italy.
  • When Poof is a timer, his lashes are missing,

Running Gags

  • Someone frolicking across the sausage field, and saying "I feel so greasy!".
  • Mrs. Turner being doused with water by the firemen.
  • The meatloaf going after Mr. Turner/Timmy.
  • Cosmo panicking and eating some parts from a house.

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