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Florence Henderson
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Birthday: February 14, 1934 (age 83)
Personal Information
  The Brady Family
  Hollywood (possibly)
  "Mrs. Brady"
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Timmy TV
Latest Appearance:
  Timmy TV
Voiced by:
Susanne Blakeslee
"You're in my spot!"
— Florence Henderson

Florence Henderson was an actress that was summoned by Simon Sparklefield to be the replacement for Mrs. Turner in the Timmy Show, because she was nagging a lot and the ratings were going down. She lifted Timmy from punishment as Mrs. Turner had put him earlier and serve him and his friends A.J. and Chester chips and soda. Chester noticed that "Timmy's Mom" was nagging less often.

Mr. Turner didn't notice the change believing that his wife had changed her face, hair and entire body. When Chester and A.J. were replaced with monkeys, the monkeys fell of the stairs and landed on Mrs. Henderson and Mr. Turner who runs away from them. At the end of the episode, she returned to her place in her show, the Brady Bunch, which had been taken by Mrs. Turner. She pushed Mrs. Turner out of the show's title card picture and Mrs. Turner responded by saying she nags a lot.


  • She is a parody of real life actress Florence Henderson that played the role of Carol Brady in the 1969-1974 TV series The Brady Bunch.
  • In the real Brady Bunch opening grid, Florence Henderson was switched with Mr. Brady.
    • Butch Hartman has placed several The Brady Bunch references in the show, such as the name Dimmsdale, mentioned to be a neighbor of the Bradys'.
Florence Henderson

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