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Flappy Bob's Parents
Gender: Male and Female
Species: Human
Personal Information
  Flappy Bob
  Being a clown
Each other
Flappy Bob (son)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  School's Out: The Musical
Latest Appearance:
  School's Out!: The Musical
Voiced by:
Susanne Blakeslee (mother)
Jim Ward (father)

Flappy Bob's Parents are the clown parents of Flappy Bob.


When Bob was a little baby they were traveling on a train when they realize that the train was going to fall over a cliff. Desperately, they put baby Bob, together with a picture of them, in a rocket and launched him to a nearby corn field to save him. Shortly after launching Bob, they noticed that the train didn't fall over the cliff and started to search for him, finding him 37 years later with the help of Wanda. They vow to never be separated again, but if they do, they agree to meet up in Las Vegas.


Both of Flappy's parents are only ever seen dressed as clowns. His mother has pink hair and a blue nose, and his father has purple hair and a red nose.

Flappy Bob's Parents

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