• Princess Mandie makes a cameo at the beginning of the episode.
  • Dr. Bender is voiced by Butch Hartman in this episode instead of Gilbert Gottfried.
  • The way when Timmy asked Mark where he send the missile and the latter smiled before we see which one he targeted is probably similar to what happened in "Wanda's Day Off" when Timmy asked Wanda where she send the cockroaches to and Wanda smiled before we see where the cockroaches were sent.


  • Star Wars: When Chester's teeth break, Dr. Bender suddenly exclaims that he senses a disturbance in his wallet, much like how various Star Wars characters say that they sense a disturbance in the force.


  • If you look carefully, there were grammar mistakes during Mark's observation on his F.L.A.R.G Manual. It reads "Do'nt" instead of Don't.
  • When Trixie yells "SECURITY!" after noticing Timmy, she has Veronica's voice when she states this (even though Veronica doesn't even appear in the episode).
  • Mark states his appendix is "no longer a DEFCON 5 threat" to Earth. DEFCON 5 is actually the lowest level, meaning peacetime conditions. DEFCON 1 is the highest level, meaning nuclear war is imminent or underway.

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