Fart Blazer
is a name of a popular, offensive TooYube video created and uploaded by Timmy Turner.


Timmy Turner needed a way to travel into space without his fairies, so he lured Dark Laser to Earth by creating and uploading an offensive video about him and posting it on TooYube, a video sharing site modeled after the real-life video-sharing web site, YouTube. The video reached over 500,000,000,000 views and was rated five stars, and consisted of Dark Laser sticking his butt out and exclaiming "I'm Fart Blazer!" "I'm Fart Blazer!" "Pull my finger!" "I'm Fart Blazer" with farting noises added for effect and has the song "Pop Goes The Weasel." Needless to say, Dark Laser was not amused and rushed to Earth to destroy Timmy, who managed to later convince Dark Laser to help him.

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