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  • This episode was nominated for the 40th Annual Annie Awards, in the category "Best Animated Television Production For Children".
  • Super seeds are revealed to be immune to magic, but vulnerable to Mr. Turner's lethal touch.
  • Mrs. Turner had the same kind of trouble with growing plant life in "That's Life!"
  • A Volkswagen Beetle appeared as Mr. Turner tries backing up for the second time.
  • This episode along with its partner episode "Crock Talk" are not included on the PlayStation network.
  • This episode and Formula For Disaster suggest that Dimmsdale is in Ohio, since Cleveland is a short distance away. But in the episode Fairy Idol, it shows Dimmsdale is in Southern California. It is unknown what state Dimmsdale is in.
  • The title is a pun on "arm pit."


  • When Cosmo went to follow the Wizard, there is a series of Wizard of Oz references that follow:
  1. Cosmo dressing like Dorothy.
  2. Cosmo saying his new "friends" (a hobo, a mailbox and a mop) need braveness, a heart and a brain, respectively. This is what the Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow wanted in the Wizard of Oz.
  3. The Magical Land Of Cleve Song is a reference to the song "We're Off to See the Wizard".
  • Mr. Turner's outfit and his "Daisy Dude" shorts is a reference to Daisy Duke.
  • A Big Mackerel is a reference to a Big Mac at McDonald's.


  • When Mr. Turner tries backing out for the first time, his headlights are turned off.
  • Since when did the neighborhood of the Turners have an interstate nearby?
  • It's impossible for some cars to appear and then disappear for a few seconds, and even for them to go about their businesses extra early like Timmy's dad.
  • This episode has closed captioning errors. When Wanda says "Their powers even supersede our powers.", the captions display an apostrophe in the first POWERS between the R and the S. It was as if the super seeds have a common power that is "even supersede the powers of Timmy's fairies", which makes absolutely no sense. Another error is when Timmy says "His black thumb must supersede the super seeds.", the captions display the I in HIS as an A. The way the captions displayed Timmy's quote in that scene made no sense.
    • And throughout the episode, for each of the words SUPERSEDE and SUPERSEDES, the captions display the second S as a C, in addition to the closed captioning error in Timmy's quote.
  • The bag of vegetable seeds that Mr. Turner picks up displays VEGETABLE as VEJDABLE. It's kind of spelled simply. It's possible that this was intentional.

Running Gags

  • When Mr. Turner plants or touches a plant, it dies and becomes a grave.
  • The tornado leaving things behind.
  • Cosmo believing they are in a magical world.
  • Someone making a tongue twister with super and super-seed in it.
  • Cosmo singing "We're off to see the wizard, in the Magical Land of Cleve!"

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