Families of the Fairly OddParents universe. This includes the families of humans, fairies, animals, and aliens; as well as the families created by fairy godparents and godchildren.

Combined Human-Fairy Families

These are the families formed by fairy godparents and godchildren when they are assigned to each other.

Picture Family Description
Timmy and Chloe's Fairy Family The main family of the show. Timmy Turner and his fairy godparents Cosmo and Wanda, as well as Cosmo and Wanda's goddaughter Chloe Carmichael and their son Poof (Timmy and Chloe's fairy godbrother). They live in both the Turner and Carmichael Residence in Dimmsdale.
Timmy's Fairy Family (Live Action) Thirteen years in the future, grown up Timmy Turner and Tootie begin to date, and by means of a new rule, is allowed to keep his fairies into adulthood and share them with Tootie, who is welcomed as a new member of the now-extended fairy family. This takes place in an alternate timeline from the current main series.

Human Families

Picture Family Description
Turner Family The Turner family is the main human family of the show. Timmy Turner and his parents; known only as Mom and Dad; live in the city of Dimmsdale. There are also many extended members of the Turner family, as well as Timmy's future children Tammy and Tommy Turner.
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Carmichael Family The Carmichael family consists of Chloe Carmichael and her parents Clark Carmichael and Connie Carmichael. They live in Dimmsdale, next door to the Turners.
Vicky's Family Vicky lives in Dimmsdale near the Turner family, where she acts as Timmy's babysitter and tormentor. Vicky also tortures her family at home, whichhich consists of her mother Nicky, her unnamed father, and Timmy-loving her little sister Tootie.
Crocker Family This family consists of Mr. Crocker and her mother. They live together at the Crocker Residence in Dimmsdale.
McBadbat family tree
McBadbat Family The McBadbat's are a poor family that live in a trailer park. It consists of Chester McBadbat, and his father Bucky McBadbat. The fate of Chester's mother is as of yet unclear, though pictures have been seen of her.
A.J.'s Family A.J.'s wealthy family lives in a large house near Chester's trailer park, and the boys are best friends along with Timmy.
Tang Family The Tang family is an extremely wealthy family that lives in a mansion in Dimmsdale. The only other person seen from Trixie's family is her unnamed father. Trixie's mother has been mentioned, but not seen.
Remy With His Parents
Buxaplenty Family The Buxaplenty family is an extremely wealthy family that consists of Remy and his parents.
Dinkleberg Family The only known members of The Dinkleberg family are Mr. and Mrs. Dinkleberg.
Bender Family The Benders are a family consisting of the evil dentist Dr. Bender and his son Wendell.
Sanjay's family Sanjay's family is an American family with Indian ancestry that resides in Dimmsdale. His family consists of himself, his mother, stepdad and stepbrother.
Elmer's family tree
Elmer's family Elmer's family is an American family that lives in Dimmsdale. Elmer and his parents all have distinct gigantic red boils growing off of their faces, and they all wear thick round glasses.
Francis Father
Francis' Family Francis' family includes the Francis himself and his unnamed father.
Veronica's Family This family consists of Veronica and her mother, who was only heard off-screen once calling her for dinner.
Skylark Family The Skylark family is an American family that resides in Dimmsdale, California. All the known members are famous celebrities with the profession of singer or at least actors.
Ubetcha Family The Ubetcha family is an American family residing in Dimmsdale, California. All of the members have been News Anchorman/woman from generation to generation. Its first known member was Chester Ubetcha

Fairy Families

Picture Family Description
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Cosma/Fairywinkle Family Cosmo and Wanda's family through marriage, the Cosma-Fairywinkle family, consists of them and their son Poof. They live with the Turners in Dimmsdale, but like all fairies, are from Fairy World.
Cosma Family Cosmo's extended family is the Cosma family, consisting of notably his mother, Mama Cosma. His father, Papa Cosmo, was turned into a fly long ago when Cosmo was a baby, flew away, and was never seen again. The Cosma's and the Von Strangle's are also related through a long extended line.
Fairywinkle Family
Fairywinkle Family Wanda's extended family is the Fairywinkle family. Her father, Big Daddy, runs a disposal business for magic garbage, although it is shown to be more like a Mafia family. Wanda also has many uncles. The most notable member is Blonda, who is an actress on Fairy World television. Wanda's Mother has also been mentioned, but has never appeared.
Anti-Cosma/Anti-Fairywinkle family The Anti counterparts to the Cosma/Fairywinkle family, consisting of Anti-Cosmo, his wife Anti-Wanda and their son Foop. They all reside in Anti-Cosmo's Castle in Anti-Fairy World.
Von Strangle The Von Strangle family are the toughest fairies in Fairy World, most notable Jorgen Von Strangle, who claims that title for himself. His grandmother, Nana Boom Boom, runs a bakery in Fairy World, and also looks just as muscular as Jorgen. Jorgen and Cosmo are related cousins through a long extended line in their families.
Abdul family The Abdul family is Binky's family. The only known family members are Binky himself and his mother.

Other Families

The families of animals and the families of aliens within the series.

Picture Family Description
Chang family The royal family of the Yugopotamia. All of them live on Yugopotamia, except for Mark Chang, who resides on Earth in Dimmsdale.
Chompy's family Chompy's family is Chompy the Goat, Mrs. Chompy and Chompy's Kids.