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The rainbow that leads fairy godparents to earth.

Fairy Godparents
are Fairies that have taken up the task of watching over a miserable human child in need.


A fairy godparent is usually around the same height of a human child. Fairies are defined as "free spirited" and "colorful". There is, however, a distinction between a fairy and a fairy godparent. Fairies are able to roam free in fairy world, living as they please. By going to the Fairy Academy, a fairy can become a fairy godparent and get assigned to a godchild. Fairy Godparents are mainly property used to make a miserable child happy again, but they must be treated with respect or love, as it is shown that if pushed too far, both a fairy and its godchild can give up possession of the other.

Fairy Godparents have more power in reality warping than normal Fairies, and are trained in happy wishmaking, as shown in This Is Your Wish.

The Fairy Godparents are led, trained, and assigned by Jorgen Von Strangle. Until that point, Fairy Godparents are to engage in certain activities assigned by Jorgen and are his property until assigned. Fairies must abide by a large rule book called Da Rules. They are, in fact, unable to go against the rules even if they want (or mean) to, as any attempt will be covered by a raspberry-like noise, the shine going dark, and the wand falling like rubber.

In most uses Fairy Godparents are able to give their godchild any wish that doesn't break the rules. Some Fairy Godparents are nice and kind, while some are rough and mean. They take on duisguises in public, usually a pet at home or an everyday object. The disguise the Godparent takes on will usually have their face on it and be the favorite color of the Godparent (Ex. Wanda's disguises are all pink). The revelation of a fairy will result in confiscation by Jorgen and the godchild's memory being erased.

Fairy Godparents are usually assigned to a kid with parents that are similar to their personality, in a way of a foil. For example, Timmy's parents are rather wild and foolish in personallity, as well as very neglectful, So his godparents are the same, only they pay extra attention to Timmy, unlike his neglectul parents. Remy's parents are very self adsorbed and narcissistic, and pay more attention to money and social appearance than their son, so his godparent is similar, only he is in love with his looks, rather than his money, and sticks to Remy all the time.

It was later revealed in The Big Fairy Share Scare, Jorgen asks Timmy and the others that there is Fairy Godparents shortage.

Known Fairy Godparents

Former Fairy Godparents

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