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Fairy Magic is the ability of Fairies to do things that normal humans cannot. This includes flying, conjuring objects, teleportation, and even bending the space-time continuum itself.



Shapeshifting is a fairy and an anti-fairy's ability to alter their physical shape and appearance, allowing them to change themselves into various inanimate objects, animals, and even other people. Fairy Godparents use this ability to disguise themselves as an item or as their godchild's pet and Anti-Fairies use this power to better cause misfortune. All fairies and anti-fairies have the ability to transform by using magic due to an organ called the Figiggly Gland. When they transform, a fairy or anti-fairy will typically retain their signature color (usually their hair and eye color) and, in the case of disguising themselves as objects, their face will appear on the surface of the object that turns you into a fairly godparent.


Poofing is the name given to the Fairies ability to "poof" (teleport) people and objects to and from locations using their magic. They can even transport people to other planets, such as Fairy World and Yugopotamia, easily and instantaneously. Anti-Fairies can also use this ability unless they are sealed in a magic secure area such as Abracatraz. Pixie Poofing is "Ping" and Anti-Fairy Poofing is "Anti-Poof" but sometime they do "Poof".


Wishes are a Fairy Godparent's most important ability. Their godchild can wish for them to not only do the things above, but also create objects, vehicles, and even people, as long as the wish falls within Da Rules. Godchildren cannot wish for people to fall in love with them, nor can they use magic to cheat in a competition. Timmy and other godchildren seem to be able to use their magic to harm others, whether in self-defense or just causing trouble. The godchild must be very careful how he or she words his wish, for sometimes dumber fairies like Cosmo and Wanda will misinterpret the wish, and some wishes can be very dangerous as Timmy has found out repeatedly.

Healing and restoring

Usually Timmy's destructive wishes or encounters with school bullies results in him getting hurt. His fairies can heal all his wounds instantly simply by raising their wands. They can also repair damaged clothing, and fix destroyed rooms and buildings before nosy parents can discover their child's mayhem.

Fairy Pregnancy

Fairies also use magic to reproduce, and can have a child simply by their godchild wishing for it. See the Fairy Pregnancy page for more details.

Memory wipe

Also known as forgetacin, this is the end result of most wishes gone wrong: Simply erase everyone's memory of what happened. The same thing happens to a godchild that loses his or her fairies due to age, lack of unhappiness, or breaking Da Rules. This way of returning the show to status quo happens in nearly every single episode or movie, and the few episodes that don't follow this are simply ignored anyways (Example: The world being destroyed at the end of One Man Banned).


Fairy Magic is powered by The Big Wand, which in turn is powered by energy from all the crazy people on Earth who believe in fairies.[1] Originally, Mr. Crocker by himself provided enough of this energy to power all of Fairy World, but when he stopped believing in fairies, The Big Wand lost it's magic, and Fairy World started to plunge into Giant Bucket of Acid World residing below it. After Mr. Crocker was driven crazy again by fairies, Jorgen promised to drain power from Crocker-like people from around the Earth instead of just him.

Over Wishing Disorder

O.W.D (Over Wishing Disorder) is a disorder where godchildren over work their godparents and became too reliant on fairy magic to function normally. Jorgen von Strangle sends them to Wishing Well to cure them. Timmy was sent here with two other godchildren named Dwight and Molly. It was very obvious that all three were spoiled by the fairies, they could not even tie their own shoes, and when Timmy tried cooking he blew up the entire kitchen.


There are a few things which are immune to fairy magic.


Main article: Dragons

In some instances, Dragons appear to be immune to fairy magic. This is apparent in "Knighty Knight" where Timmy must help King Arthur Liebowitz defeat a deadly dragon.

Butterfly Nets

Butterfly nets resist fairy magic and can be used to capture fairies. Mr. Crocker used one of these to capture Wanda in "Abra-Catastrophe!". Remy Buxaplenty also held Cosmo and Wanda captive in a butterfly net when Timmy was tricked into attending the F.U.N. Academy and in "Viral Vidiots", when Timmy's mom had been captured by Mr. Crocker. Then he trapped her into a magic sucker in his cave, Timmy tried to wish her out but his cave been covered by a butterfly net so that fairy magic wouldn't work. Once in a butterfly net, they are defenseless.


The armor of an armadillo is resistant to fairy magic. In the episode Teacher's Pet, Mr. Crocker used a machine to take on the genetic characteristics of many animals, and an armadillo was one of them. By rolling up into a defensive ball, the Crocker animal could not be changed back to normal by fairy magic.

When faires are frozen they can't move which means they can't grant wishes. The only time this happen was in Snow Bound.


Some people that have super powers (like the Super Bike, Mighty Mom, Dyno Dad,and the Power Pals) are immune to magic, while some, like the Witch/Alden Bitterroot, can block fairy magic.

Anti-fairy and Pixie magic

According to Da Rules, fairies cannot interfere with anti-fairy magic and pixie magic, which means they cannot stop what pixies and anti-fairies do with magic and also fairies cannot block the magic of anti-fairies and pixies. There is a time when pixies take over fairy world and fairies can't do anything to wipe away or stop the pixie magic that is taking over their world. The only way to defeat this magic is to trick them or make a deal with them. Like for example, Timmy makes a deal with the pixies that if he wins in their game (golf), they would turn back fairy world to normal, but if not he will lose Cosmo and Wanda forever. Also to defeat this magic, you must destroy the power source that they come from like the Big Anti-Wand.

The Terrible Tooth

In The Terrible Twosome, according to Wanda the terrible tooth are immune to fairy magic.

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