Fairy King Throne Room in Jimmy Timmy Power Hour

The Fairy King is the supposed ruler of Fairy World. Although he has never actually been seen, he was mentioned by Denzel Crocker in Jimmy Timmy Power Hour where Crocker wanted to overthrow the king so he could rule over Fairy World, but when he went to confront him at his chambers there was no one there except Jimmy Neutron. Whether there really is a king or Crocker was unaware of Jorgen's high ranking status or the Fairy Council remains unanswered.

Shadow Showdown, the third Fairly Oddparents video game, shed more light on the subject. According to the game, Fairy World was once ruled by King Oberon and Queen Titania (the names of the fairy king and queen in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream), but the fairies have since moved out of a monarchy. However, being a video game, it probably should not be considered canon.


  • The names of the king and queen Oberon and Titania are a reference to the Shakespeare play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream" where there are a king and queen of the fairies by the same name.

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