Fairy Idol
Fairy Idol DVD
Series: The Fairly OddParents
Production Information
No. of episodes:
  1 (VHS)
3 (DVD)
DVD Release:
  May 23, 2006

Fairy Idol is a DVD and VHS tape that features the special Fairy Idol and two other episodes. It was released on May 23, 2006.


Title card # Title Original airdate
Titlecard-Fairy Idol
"Fairy Idol" May 19, 2006
Norm the Genie returns and tricks Cosmo and Wanda into disliking Timmy by replacing him with a selfish, unappreciative clone. When Cosmo and Wanda quit, a singing contest is held in Fairy World to determine who gets to replace Timmy's godparents. And there is another big problem: Norm is a participant.

DVD Bonus Episodes

These episodes are also featured on the DVD version:

Title card # Title Original airdate
Titlecard-Truth or Cosmoquences
"Truth Or Cosmoquences" February 15, 2005
Cosmo tries to impress his classmates at a high school reunion by telling them that he is a multi-billionaire and that Wanda and Timmy are his servants. He's successful, but when Juandissimo shows up and wants to dance with Wanda, he has a conflict of interests.
Titlecard-Timmy TV
"Timmy TV" May 13, 2005
Timmy Turner finds out that he has been a TV star on a hidden camera reality show in Fairy World called Timmy TV.

Oh Yeah! Cartoons

Several Fairly OddParents shorts from Oh Yeah! Cartoons are also featured on the DVD version:

Title card # Title Original airdate
Titlecard-Super Humor
"Super Humor" March 23, 2001
Timmy wishes to be a superhero like the Crimson Chin, and tries out various powers, ultimately getting into battle with a 3-headed monster. At the end, however, he wished for "super-vision" and he ended up back home with his parents ("supervision").
Titlecard-Scouts Honor
"Scout's Honor" January 17, 2000
While on a wilderness camping trip with the Squirrel Scouts, Timmy tries to earn his "Capturing a Mythical Creature" badge; Not far by, Vicky tortures her own scout group, the Cream Puffs.
Titlecard-The Really Bad Day
"The Really Bad Day!" December 8, 2000
For one day in a certain number of years, a fairy godparent has to be "bad", and it is Cosmo's turn. There is just one problem: he is horrible at being "bad." Timmy Turner and The Fairly OddParents: Season 3 DVDa]] try to help him. So they enlist in the help of the conqueror Genghis Khan to teach him how to be bad, and soon Cosmo has a plan to blow up the Earth!


  • This is the final VHS release of The Fairly OddParents and one of the final VHS releases from Nickelodeon. After this, Nickelodeon would only release DVDs.
  • This is the only DVD and VHS that wasn't released in Canada.


  • Unlike on the cover, where it is suggested that Cosmo is covering Blonda, on the DVD main menu, no part of her or even a chair appears.
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