Fairy Hart
Gender: Female
Species: Fairy
Personal Information
  Hostess of Fairytainment Tonite
News Reporter for FNN
  Fairy World
  Bob Glimmer
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Blondas Have More Fun!
Latest Appearance:
  Balance of Flour
Voiced by:
Mary Hart

Fairy Hart is a fairy reporter for Fairy News Network. She is a parody of and voiced by Mary Hart, a entertainment news reporter.


She was the reporter who announced, live to the Fairy World, the birth of Poof.She was also the one who told that Anti-Poof/Foop that Poof had ran off to the house on Earth to hide. She was also the one who called Jorgen Von Strangle a liar and a total fake. She likes to have Zappy fights with Bob Glimmer.


She wears a light blue business dress and has a green beaded necklace, thunderbolt shaped earrings, blond hair and blue eyes. Like all fairies she also has a crown and wings. She is always carrying a microphone, which may also serve as her wand.


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