• Juandissimo's copy of the Da Rules is called "El Rules". This is because Juandissimo is portrayed as Spanish; "El" is Spanish for "The".
  • The kids were camping all night to be the first kids in history to see the movie, it would be impossible due to the fact they live in the Pacific time zone. Kids in the USA who live in Eastern, Central and Mountain time would see it before they do.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Turner don't appear in this episode, but photographs of them can be seen in one scene.
  • There is a sequel to this episode called Remy Rides Again.
  • Fourth time Timmy's transformed and the second time he's transformed more than one time.
  • If Timmy was able to get into the film, it would actually be against the law because the movie they were trying to watch was rated R, and they would have to be with parents because they were under 17. This is verified if you look closely at the poster.
  • Apparently the Da Rules say that fairies cannot tell their godkids that another child has fairies and the child has to figure it out themselves.
  • Apparently you can't wish someone else's fairies away. (Juandissimo states from that way lies madness)
  • This is the only episode, until Season 5, where Remy appears. Juandissimo returns in Season 3.
  • This is the only appearance of the Golden Gut in the series.
  • It is revealed that a godchild can only get rid of another god child's godparents by either getting the godchild to wish their godparents away or through a Magical Duel.
  • This episode is considered slightly inappropriate because Juandissimo and some other characters constantly call Juandissimo "sexy".
  • Like in the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts, the Crimson Chin was voiced by Daran Norris in this episode instead of his special guest voice.



Donkey Kong's guest appearance.

  • Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary - This episode title is a reference of Mother Goose rhyme.
  • Richie Rich - Remy's shares many things in common with Richie Rich, along with the name.
  • Donkey Kong - Challenge 1 is a parody of the Nintendo arcade game which involves saving a lady from an ape. In this case, saving your godchild from an ape.
  • Juandissimo - "No! I'm too sexy to eat!" - When Remy is going to eat Juandissimo, it is a parody of the line "No! I'm too young to die!" which is used in several TV series and films, or in other words, the phrase is changed.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Buxaplenty - They do not show their faces on the screen, just like Mr. & Mrs. Turner in the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts.

Running Gags

  • Every time Cosmo confronts Juandissimo, he is turned into a turtle and has to slowly crawl to retrieve his wand. He often says "Revenge!" while crawling to his wand.
  • Someone calling Juandissimo sexy.
  • Remy outdoing Timmy at something at the beginning of the episode.


  • When Juandissimo is trying to rescue Remy from the ape, his ponytail is missing.
  • Remy says that if Timmy has godparents, then Timmy could wish he was richer than him. But in the next episode "Nectar of the Odds", Wanda says that you can not wish you had money because that would be counterfeiting. However as this was Remy's assumption theory, he may not have been aware of that rule at that point.
  • At the end when Remy is on a deserted island, he trips over a stick before he finds Juandissimo. But after he grabs Juandissimo and runs back to his parents, the stick is gone.
  • When Cosmo says that he doesn't magic to turn his hand into a fist, his hand is already in a fist before it becomes a regular hand again.
  • Juandissimo's facial hair is missing on the title card.
  • Also, Cosmo's hair looks aquamarine, though it could be light making it that color.

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