Remy: Tickets, please.
Ticket booth operator: How many?
Remy: All of them.
[Timmy & some kids cheer]
Remy: Oh, please! They're not for you unseemly urchins. I need all the extra seats for my piles of money.

Timmy: Something's fishy.
Cosmo: [changing into the fish that he's talking about] Trout? Catfish? Seamonkey?

Juandissimo: Wanda...your voice is like the chorus of a thousand angels...
Cosmo: Yeah, well my FOOT is gonna feel like the chorus of a thousand...! (Cosmo gets turned into a turtle) Revenge, REVENGE!

Cosmo: (mocking Juandissimo to distract him) Hey, Muscles Magoo! Look at me! I'm fancy, and my long black hair flows in the wind!
Juandissimo: Stop making fun of my outer beauty! [shirt rips and then it reappears]
Cosmo: [still mocking Juandissimo] I'm strong, but I still lost my woman to an idiot!
Jorgen: 5!...4!...3!
Remy: Hurry Up!
Cosmo: (turns himself into a fat Juandissimo) Chunky hunky!
Juandissimo: STOP!!!
Cosmo: (turns into a fat Juandissimo with a monkey head) Monkey chunky hunky!

Remy: [after Juandissimo turned Timmy into a dragon] Ha! The most amazing animal ever! I win!
Wanda: Actually, the challenge was the child who was turned into the most fantastic animal wins.
Jorgen Von Strangle: [about Wanda's quote] She is right! [to Remy] Timmy gets to keep his godparents and you lose yours!
Remy: Juandissmo!
Juandissimo: Adios, Remy Buxaplenty! We will not meet again. [Jorgen snaps his fingers and both Remy and Juandissimo disappear]

Mrs. Buxaplenty: (to Remy) Have fun with your oddly colored ferret, son.

Mrs. Buxaplenty: Son.
Mr. Buxaplenty: Oh, right, right, Son. It certainly was thrilling spending our daily two minutes with you!
Mrs. Buxaplenty: Well, time is money.
Mr. Buxaplenty: Money? Where?

Remy: [reading the rules of the magical duel] Winner gets to keep his godparents, and loser, and by loser I mean Turner, forgets he ever had them.

Remy: Hey there little fella. You remind me of a long lost friend or something. Oh well, Who wants turtle soup!!? [It then shows that the turtle is Juandissimo]
Juandissimo: No, I am too sexy to eat!

Juandissimo: Wanda, my sweet! [Begins kissing Wanda's hand] I have missed you more than the sun misses the dawn! [Continues kissing Wanda's hand]
Wanda: Well, that's all very flattering...
Cosmo: But that's MY hand, pal, and guess what, I don't need magic to turn it into a fist! (Cosmo starts struggling in turning his hand to a fist)

Remy: So (holds a big wad of cash) how much will it take me to get you to wish away your Fairy Godparents, hmm? 
Timmy: You know what stinks about you Remy. You're rich, you have god parents, and you're still miserable. (Remy and Juandissimo are shown smiling but are shocked at Timmy's quote.)
Remy: WHAT? You think you are happier than me! 
Timmy: Dude, I know I am happier than you and I've better god parents. (Wanda is shown confident while also holding an angry Cosmo who is still a turtle. Juandissimo is insulted by Timmy's statement
Juandissimo: We shall see about that little monkey! (goes to Remy) Call it!
Remy: I call....MAGICAL DUEL!

(Juandissimo gets out a guitar.)
Wanda: You're going to sing?
Juandissimo: I must! It is who I am! It is the magic of my soul!

Jorgen: The handsome fairy has failed to rescue his Godchild.
Audience: Boo!!
Jorgen: But he is still very sexy!
Audience: Yeah!! [throws roses at Juandissimo]
Juandissimo: This, I can live with.

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