Fairy Cowlick Jr.
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Gender: Male
Species: Fairy
Age: immortal
Production Information
First Appearance:
Latest Appearance:
Voiced by:
Gary LeMel
"So tell me what you wish for, and your wish came true."
— Fairy Cowlick Jr.

Fairy Cowlick Jr. is a fairy professional singer that lives in Fairy World and somehow knows Cosmo. His only appearance was in the episode "Abra-Catastrophe!" when he sung the song Wish Comes True.


His only appearance was in the episode Abra-Catastrophe!, where Cosmo introduce him to Timmy, showing that they already knew each other, in fact, he apparently is an important figure among the fairies, as Cosmo calls him "Mr." Fairy Cowlik Jr. He also knows how to play the piano and has his own Magic Wand.


He has a purple hair, with a cowlick, of where his name comes, and has a big pointy nose.He wears a white suit and a hat with a purple belt. He also wears a purple bow tie. Not much is known about his personality, because in the episode in which he appears, he just sings.


  • The character is a reference to bar singers in the 90's.
  • His name comes from the famous singer Harry Connick Jr.




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