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Fairy Con
Season 10, Episode 19
Fairy Con
Prod. Code: 163a
Premiered: United States June 28, 2017 (Nicktoons)
April 2, 2018 (Nickelodeon)
Mexico December 7, 2016
Created by:
  Butch Hartman
Written by:
  Ellen Byron
Bob Colleary
Ray DeLaurentis
Storyboard by:
  Benji Williams
Directed by:
  John McIntyre
Produced by:
  Ray DeLaurentis
George A. Goodchild (supervising producer)
Kellie Smith (line producer)
Music Direction:
  Guy Moon
Episode chronology
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Nuts & Dangerous
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The Hungry Games
Fairy Con is the nineteenth episode of Season 10.


Mr. Crocker makes clones of Cosmo and Wanda in order to access a fairy convention and swipe the fairies' magic.