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Make requests for user rights on this page.

How to make a request

Simply leave your name or the nominee's name underneath Nominations in the related section. Be sure to link to their user page!

*[[User:Lord Beckett]]

Request for Rollback

Rollback rights allow users to revert all edits to a page made by a certain user. This is more useful than Undo for situations where multiple edits had been made.

  • You may nominate yourself for these rights.
  • Any user with at least six months of activity, or at least 100 edits may be nominated.
  • Preferably some of those edits should show familiarity with recognizing and undoing vandalism.

Request for Adminship

Administration rights allow users a variety of advanced commands, access to certain restricted namespaces, and access to fully protected pages.

  • You may nominate another user for these rights.
  • You may not nominate yourself unless you have at least six months of roll back experience, or at least a full year of activity.
  • Any user with at least six months of activity, or at least 250 edits may be nominated.
  • This user is trusted, has shown competence in fighting vandalism and fanon inserts in pages.
  • Understands the site policy and shows exceptional ability in constructing articles and/or templates.
  • Knowing how to use and modify MediaWiki, CSS, JavaScript, and other scripts is not required, but certainly will be considered during selection.

Request for Bureaucrats

The Fairly OddParents is not in need of any more bureaucrats. However, if both of the current bureaucrats (The Forgotten Beast and Lord Beckett) have been inactive for 6 months, you may request to adopt this Wiki.

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