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  • These policies are widely accepted amongst editors, and are considered a standard to be followed.
  • Ignoring policy could result in reversion of edits and/or blocking of editing rights.

Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

The Layout Guide is an official guide as to how an article should be constructed. All article sections, including episodes, characters, and pictures follow a standard on how they are constructed. Feel free to discuss the Layout Guide on the talk page.

General tags

Stub and clean up

The very first tag that should be placed on a page are either the {{Stub}} or {{Clean up}} tags. The Stub tag is for short, mostly unfinished articles that lack content in general. Clean up is for articles with a lengthy amount of content, but do not adhere to this guide, contain Fanon information, or lack images, templates, and other cosmetic material.


Main article: Template:Era

The {{Era}} template is used to add icons to the top right corner of the page. This should be added after the infobox to prevent spacing issues.

  • ** - (FA) Featured Article tag should be placed first if this article is a featured article.
  • XX - Character tags. If the article is an episode, it should feature the icons of all major characters present in the episode. If it is an article about a character, then that characters icon if available.
  • ## - Season number. For episodes, this should be the season this episode is a part of. For character articles, the season number should be their debut season.
  • PR Adds protection padlocks. See Fairly Odd Parents Wiki:Protection policy for more details. Admin use only.


Main article: Category:Navigation templates

At the very bottom of a page, which a fair amount of spacing between the last line, a navigation template should be placed. If it's a character article about a human, {{Humans}} should be used. If it's an article about a location in Fairy World, the {{Fairyworld}} box should be used. Episode articles should use their corresponding Season navbox.

{{Season 4}}

These navboxes are automatically collapsible and will appear as a colored bar at the bottom of a page. As the amount of navboxes on this wiki expands, it may become appropriate to use more than one navbox on a page.


Infobox episodes

Main article: Template:Infobox episode

The title of the episode. Be sure to include the same punctuation found in the title card.


The episode's title card.


Caption that appears under the image. Not needed.


The episode number. See List of Fairly Odd Parents Episodes for more details.


The creator of the cartoon. Spin-off episodes (such as Crash Nebula) should use this.

Story/Writer/Storyboard/Director/Production Design/Art Direction/Music Direction

The official credits for the episode. These are usually shown on the title card screen right after the name of the episode is shown.

Note: In most cases, the art director is Bob Boyle, although not always just him.


The day that this episode first premiered. Usually this is the US airdate, but a few episodes have been aired in the UK before they were released in the US (such as Momnipresent/Birthday Bashed).


The previous and next episodes in production order. See Episodes for more details.

Title and short description

After the infobox, the {{Era}} should be used (see the general tags section above). Then, the title of the episode in bold surrounded by quotation marks, and including any punctuation (usually !') in the title that is used on the title card.

|}<!--Infobox end-->
'''"Title of episode!"''' is the second episode of [[Season 6]].

That will add icons for Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and a corresponding season tag for Season 8. To determine which order episode (second, third, fourth) of a Season it is, use the official production list.

Information, characters, places, songs

The main header should be Information, directly below it a brief summary of the episode (the ones used on the Season guide pages work best). Below that, the first subheader should be Characters present, a list of every named character that appears in the episode (including cameos). Next, Places, a list of places visited during the episode. Songs is self explanatory, most episodes don't need this, but if it includes a musical number than it should be listed here.

During this episode, Timmy makes a wish that causes a huge never ending food fight at school. To make matters worse, Mr. Crocker is onto Timmy!
===Characters present===
*[[Timmy Turner]]
*[[Denzel Crocker]]

*[[Dimmsdale Elementary School]]

*[[Eardrum Hemorrhage]]


Writing a good synopsis

A good synopsis should include mostly every detail from the episode's start to finish. It should be descriptive of changes in environment, dialogue, and make mention of common themes in the episode, such as running jokes.

The spoiler tag
Main article: Fairly Odd Parents Wiki:Spoilers

The resolution of the episode should be marked as a spoiler. To get a good idea of what exactly the resolution is, read the official brief description (usually found on the Season guide page of the corresponding episode) and that will usually detail the plot of the episode up until the resolution, so anything beyond that point (i.e. Whatever fixes the problem) should be marked as a spoiler.

Timmy was riding the bus to school one day. Cosmo and Wanda, disguised as two doodles Timmy had drawn onto a piece of line paper, were talking to Timmy about his school project, or lack of thereof. Timmy was about to wish for a school project, when Francis came over and snatched the paper, crumpled it up, and tossed it out the window. His fairies gone, and at the mercy of his bully, Timmy now had to figure out how to get project together for school or else he was going to get another F.

|Content=Timmy manages to put something together with some glue, elbow macaroni, and glitter, but it turned out to be really crappy. But then Cosmo and Wanda, still as a crumpled out paper, are blown through the window by the wind and land on Timmy's project. They transform it into the best project in the classroom, and Timmy gets an A.}}
{{Spoiler End}}

Be sure to include the {{Spoiler End}} tag after the spoiler, as it makes it easier for users to notice that the spoilers are hidden.



Tid-bits of information from this episode, notes about parodies, and other short pieces of information.


Clear mistakes in the plot or animation should be listed here.


If the official Nickelodeon site has clips or a full episode related to the article, then be sure to link them. Otherwise, don't bother, as Viacom removes most Fairly OddParents material from youtube that would be appropriate for this site.


Still images taken from the course of an episode should be included. In particular, interesting or funny shots. Most episodes should only need a handful of these, but for popular episodes or specials the more the merrier.


If the page begins with "The", use the DEFAULTSORT tag to change how the article is sorted alphabetically in category pages.


Official external reference notes using the reference tag should be placed at the very bottom of the page, even after navbox templates. References can also be used to point to other episodes or character articles.

"The Episode Title" becomes...

{{DEFAULTSORT:Episode Title, The}}

All together, the bottom half of the article (after the Synopsis) should look something like:

*Cosmo's voice in this episode was nominated for an Emmy.
*This episode is the first time Timmy managed to solve a problem without his godparents.

*In the scene where Francis is chasing Timmy down the hall, Timmy's pink hat briefly disappears.


Image2.jpg|A funny picture!

{{Season #}}
{{DEFAULTSORT: Worst Episode Ever, The}}

From there it's just adding images to the article to spruce it up. Not all images have to be crammed into the screenshot section, relevant images should also be placed right below a header/subheader but before the header's content text.


Infobox character/villain

Main article: Template:Infobox character
Main article: Template:Infobox villains