Fairly Odd Jokes
Author: Holly Kowitt
Illustrator: Piero Piluso
Released: January 6, 2004
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
ISBN: 0689863195

Fairly Odd Jokes is a book with jokes featuring The Fairly OddParents characters.


  • Who's the Fairiest of Them All? - Jokes themed around the fairies.
  • One Good Turner Deserves Another - Jokes themed around magic.
  • Totally Jaw-some - Jokes themed around the Crimson Chin.
  • Spaced Out - Jokes themed around Crash Nebula and Mark Chang.
  • Torturing Timmy Turner - Jokes themed around Vicky, Francis, and Mr. Crocker.
  • Fairly Odd Friends - Jokes themed around Chester, A.J., Trixie, and Chet Ubetcha.
  • Poof! Poof! Who's There? - Knock-knock jokes.

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