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F.L.A.R.G. is a holiday that is celebrated by the Yugopotamians or else their appendix will explode. The holiday is never celebrated on their home planet though because on the fifth day of FLARG, the Yugopotamians blow up the planet that they celebrate it on.

Days of F.L.A.R.G.

There are five days of F.L.A.R.G. and each letter represents a different day in F.L.A.R.G.


The F in F.L.A.R.G. stands for fart. The Yugopotamians basically fart all day.


The L stands for lie, that Timmy thought is Love.


The A in F.L.A.R.G. stands for amnesia. Whoever the aliens host is gets amnesia all day (in one case, Timmy).


The R in F.L.A.R.G. stands for Ranksgiving. In Ranksgiving they eat delicious food (which is disgusting to the Yugopotamians) until they barf, causing all of the Dimmsdale inhabitants to gag.


The G in F.L.A.R.G. stands for Goodbye. Which not only says goodbye to F.L.A.R.G., but also to the planet that they celebrated it on (In one case, Earth).

Now you see why F.L.A.R.G. is never celebrated at the alien's homeworld.

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