• Two characters are seen nude but censored, Timmy and Cosmo.
  • Timmy's emotions:
    • Fear
    • Anger
    • Ecstasy
    • Jealousy
    • Terror
    • Joy
    • Depression
    • Sorrow
    • Envy
    • Love
    • Bravery
    • Happiness
  • The two guys who send Timmy to the island break the fourth wall when one of them says to 'throw it (a grappling hook) off-screen'.
  • Oddly, Common Sense isn't an emotion.
  • Trixie sees Timmy naked in this episode.
  • Crocker apparently has a virtual Crocker which he can show in front of a student by activating a button on his desk.
  • Ironically, since emotionless Timmy sounds dull and boring, he sounds like what a Pixie would sound like.
  • Second time Timmy is naked in public.

Running Gags

  • A pair of giant scissors being involved in Timmy's stunts.
  • Someone saying "Are you nuts, _________ will kill me! Good luck though!"
  • Timmy responding in a bland tone due to having no emotions.
  • Chester's allergic reaction to girls being shown when Trixie gets romancy on him.
  • Someone calling emotionless Timmy weird.


  • Timmy's blue book keeps switching positions while Crocker was trying to humiliate Timmy with the pool incident.
  • Timmy, after he loses his emotions, said that he was bored at one point, but he shouldn't be bored since that is an emotion and that should have been removed along with all the emotions.
  • After Timmy got out of the pool, he crawls out shaking and covers himself up with a sign, but the video that shows the same event show Timmy jumping out of the pool smiling and he doesn't use the sign when he finds out he is naked.
  • When Trixie ripped the button off Timmy's shirt, it left a hole on it. A few scenes later, the rip is gone and his shirt is intact again.
  • When Timmy is shown on the high dive out in space, the ladder leading upward was positioned in southern California, but after Timmy falls into the pool, and the camera shows the giant splash from space, the splash comes from the Northern part of California.
  • When Trixie crossed her legs while Timmy ignored her on the bus, she used her right leg. When she returned to normal position, her right leg went to her left side.

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