Tad: Ouh, the scared!
Francis: Boo!
Timmy: Aaaahhhh! [bounces off diving board]

[Timmy comes out of the pool naked]
Trixie: Aaah!
Tad: Wow, now you're scared, poor and naked!
[Everyone starts laughing at Timmy]
Timmy: so...embarassing...

Timmy: That was weird.
Wanda: How do you feel, Timmy?
Timmy: I do not.
Cosmo: Perfect! And now since I know I can't hurt your feelings. (Laughs) You were naked! In public! Naked!
Wanda: Aw, what the heck? (laughs as well) Naked!?!

Francis: Word in the bathroom says you're the coolest kid in the school and nothing scares you. You know what that means?
Timmy: No.
Francis: What do I have to draw a picture for you? (Has another bully draw a picture of Timmy getting a wedge) Scary, huh?
Timmy: (Yawns) Yeah. Can we hurry this up? I'm late for lunch.
Francis: Well lets see what kind of appetite you'll have after your...swirly! (Shows a picture of Timmy having his head flushed down the toilet)
Timmy: Is that all you got?
Francis: You weird! WEIRD! Get away from me you freak!

Veronica: Wow, look who decided to wear clothes today. Ahahahhaa-
Timmy: ...
Veronica: Haha..ha...
Timmy: ...
Veronica: First time insults not working! Aaaaaaaah!

Trixie: Hmmph, I'm ignoring you.
Timmy: ...
Trixie: I said, I'm ignoring you.
Timmy: ...
Trixie: Stop ignoring me ignoring you!
AJ: You can ignore me Trixie.
Trixie: ...
AJ: Yay It's Working!

Cosmo: Anger, stop beating Happiness! Fear, get out from under the bed! Envy, Jealousy, stop arguing over who loves Love more! (hears a noise on the roof) Oh, great. Bravery's on the roof again!

Wanda: Has it occured to you that-
Timmy: Being the coolest kid in school is a hollow victory if you don't have emotions to enjoy it with?
Wanda: No, I mean yes. How did you figure that out?
Timmy: Without my emotions I am thinking quite logically.

Doug Dimmadome: Welcome to the Dimmadome! I'm Doug Dimmadome!
Crowd: Doug Dimmadome?
Doug Dimmadome: That's right! Doug Dimmadome!

Agent: You'll jet to Dr. Vulcan's island. Skydive into shark infested waters. Then swim to the island. Walk slowly on the beach and stare at the volcano. Pull out a grappling hook, twirl it, and throw it off screen. After that you'll climb the north side of the volcano. Then you'll unicycle across the tightrope, through some giant scissors and pedal to the other side. Excellent. Now just one last thing, dive into the lagoon, through some more giant scissors and turn off the hidden underwater power switch. Just think of it like a dive into your local pool, except much higher, with jagged rocks, alligators, piranhas, a whirlpool, a tornado and one really angry tourist.
Tourist: The service here stinks!

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