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Timeena, Timmy's new female fairy form

Elmerella is a Fairly OddParents comic that was printed in the June/July 2004 issue of Nickelodeon Magazine and later reprinted in the special Nickelodeon Magazine Presents the Fairly OddParents: Bustin' Out!


Timmy Turner wants to help Elmer get a date so he wishes to be Elmer's fairy god--- and before he finishes the sentence, Cosmo grants the wish and makes him (now a her) Elmer's Fairy GodMOTHER. The wishes granted end in disaster; for example when Timeena (Timmy's new female fairy form) gives Elmer a hot car, it turns out that it's "hot" as in "stolen". Then, she tries to give Elmer some "cool" clothes which put Elmer in a suit made of ice. This last thing she does is try to get Elmer to "dance like crazy" which results in Elmer dancing in a strait jacket with his tongue hanging out.



  • Chester, A.J., and Tootie have slightly different styles to their design.
  • Timmy's female fairy form appears to be based on the design of Tammy Turner, rather than Timantha from the episode The Boy Who Would Be Queen. Her differences from Tammy Turner include Timmy's clothing colors (blue skirt and pink shirt/hairband, rather than Tammy's pink skirt, white shirt, and lavender hairband), buck teeth, lack of glasses, and fairy wings/crown.
  • The main wish in this strip breaks Da Rules, as it states you cannot wish yourself into a fairy.

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