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  • Elmer is named after Butch Hartman's real name, Elmer Earl Hartman.
  • His boil was named after Bob Boyle.
  • Elmer's boil constantly switches sides on his face. This can be seen in the profile pictures here.
  • He apparently has a girlfriend who also has an oversized boil. She briefly appears alongside him in "Love Struck!" and "Just the Two of Us!".
  • In the rough draft of the episode, "A Wish Too Far!" (his debut), he was named Carl.
  • During the episode "Shelf Life", his boil keeps switching sides.
  • Elmer likes to read books. Example:Shelf Life.
  • In Mr. Right, Elmer appears to be in a higher class than dweebs since when the dweebified Tad and Chad appeared in his seat, he tells them that his boil does not like to be touched.
  • In It's A Wishful Life, it is revealed that Elmer would not have a boil if Timmy was not born.

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