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Dream Goat! (transcript)

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(A group of children in the city hall are chanting "Chompy!". We see Timmy chanting with the crowd while holding Cosmo and Wanda who are disguised as balloons.)

Timmy:Chompy! Chompy!

Wanda:Hey Timmy..

Cosmo:What's a Chompy? Does it hurt?

Timmy:Chompy's a goat! He's Dimmsdale's town hero and mascot! (Takes out picture of Chompy)

Vicky:(as she shoves kids aside) One side parasites! (Walks over to Timmy)Ugh! I can't believe your parents made me bring you to this stupid tour in the city hall!

Timmy:They're paying you,aren't they? Besides,it's Chompy! I can't learn enough about Chompy!

Vicky:Yeah? Well here's a physics lesson point dexter,(Grabs Timmy's underwear) Undies plus Gravity (Gives Timmy a wedgie) equals Wedgie!

Mayor:Oh,you kids and your goat. I'M the mayor! Doesn't anyone want to hear about MY accomplishments?

(Wolf howls as a tumbleweed rolls)

Mayor:I hate not being the goat.

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