• Doug Dimmadome is often portrayed as both an ally and villain, as demonstrated in Channel Chasers when he was unable to decide whether Timmy Turner was a friend of his or not due to many of Timmy's actions that involved him.
  • He is similar to the Rich Texan from The Simpsons, as both looks similar, are villains sometimes and both are rich.
  • Sometimes Doug's hat resembles a western/bowler hat hybrid, but other times it is so tall that the viewers can't see the whole thing.
  • The Dimmadome made an appearance in the series before he did.
  • He was called "Doug Dimmsdale" in the book "Lemonade with a Twist".
  • Doug Dimmadome has become somewhat of a meme in the Fairly OddParents community, even to the creator, Butch Hartman he is represented as a meme.
Doug Dimmadome