Sylvester Calzone holding a Dimmy
Uses: Award
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Movie Magic
Last Appearance:
  Movie Magic

Dimmys are awards given out at the Dimmsdale Film Festival in Movie Magic.


Dimmy's are famous awards given out to actors and film makers who make exceptionally well (or funny) movies.


The award is a gold statuette of a woman holding up a reel of film, with the words "Dimmy" imprinted at the base.


Sylvester Calzone holding a Dimmy award.


Timmy Turner attempted to win one of these in an attempt to impress Trixie Tang, although only because his movie was so bad that it caused everyone in the theater to laugh for two weeks, which resulted in Timmy winning the award for comedy. Despite this, Trixie was unimpressed by his award because it was for comedy, the "lowest form of entertainment next to animation".



Emmy Award and Dimmy Award

Comparison between Dimmy Award and Emmy Award statuette

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