Dimmsdale Victims
Organization Information
Mr. Turner
Chester McBadbat
Type of Organization:
Sports Team
Production Information
First Appearance:
  He Poofs He Scores
— The Dimmsdale Victims Battle Cry

The Dimmsdale Victims are the local pee-wee league soccer team in Dimmsdale. They appeared in the episode "He Poofs He Scores" as Timmy Turner and his friends' team.


They are currently coached by Mr. Turner. The team members are Timmy Turner, Chester McBadbat, A.J., Sanjay, Elmer, and about three other unnamed kids. Their battle cry is "Not in the Face" while the team and the coach cringes in terror. They played against other teams which usually followed some sort of theme such as The Pirates and The Black Belts. Due to Timmy being enhanced by Poof bouncing around his brain enhancing his skills, Timmy was able to defeat these teams with ease, even with him being the only player on the field since a bus crash had injured everyone else on the team. Timmy was also responsible for the team's only defeat, his first game when he kept trying to score a goal and bouncing the ball of the opposite team's goal post, across the field, and into his own team's goal scoring a goal for the other team. Timmy was able to use this same strategy reversed, kicking at his own goal and scoring into the opposing team's net, to defeat Sheldon Dinkleberg's pee-wee team The Dinkle Ducks after Poof's magic had worn off and made Timmy bad again.


Tootie is their cheerleader.




  • Aside from Timmy, Mr. Turner, and Tootie if you count her as part of the Victims, none of the other Victims have any spoken lines in He Poofs, He Scores aside from shouting their battle cry in unison: "NOT IN THE FACE!". This is particularly noticeable at the end of the episode when Timmy takes the ball from Chester and runs the wrong with way it, whom doesn't even respond to this act.
  • It could be the soccer counterpart of Timmy's baseball team, the Dimmsdale Losers.


  • When the Crowd Spelled out their name it was mixed up and spelled MITVICS


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