Destory Earth! (Or Not)

Destroy Earth! (Or Not) is an internet game at based from The Fairly OddParents! episode called The End of the Universe-ity.


Dark Laser gave Timmy the dark powers, and Dark Laser wants him to use his dark powers to help him destroy earth. Timmy refuses to do so, so Dark Laser forces his robots to destroy earth by pressing the button.


The objective of the player is to prevent robots from reaching the 'Destroy Earth' button. The player can select the dark powers by pressing the arrow keys and can grab dark power bonus pick-ups to use the special move. The player uses the mouse to click and grab enemy robots, flick and release them to throw and destroy them. On rare occasions, Cosmo, Wanda or Poof may appear. If so, the player may position them where they are needed the most.


  • When the robots finally reached the 'Destroy Earth' button, the near-end of the episode based on the game is played, and after the clip, it says "The earth is safe" and the background shows the safe earth and the destroyed Death Ball.
  • This game has a glitch where Timmy destroys the robots by himself and the robots get destroyed off-screen and hundreds of robots get destroyed in a fraction of a second. This glich is not fixed.

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