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  • In this episode, it features when Timmy first got Cosmo and Wanda when he accidentally reverts all the way back to their first meeting. This scene is done in main series style, as opposed to Oh Yeah! Cartoons style.
  • The scene when Timmy's parents leave to read bedtime stories to underprivileged, confused dolphins, and Timmy's Dad tells Timmy what story they're going to read has been parodied many times on YouTube, where the dolphin sound is replaced by numerous other sounds.
  • Vicky said the title of the episode in one scene.
  • When the episode ends and the black ring comes in, it has re-do one last time, sending the viewer (not literally) back to before the black ring came in.


  • Drawing Hands - The title card is a play on M. C. Escher's painting "Drawing Hands", a situation that resembles an infinite loop.

Running Gags

  • Timmy and later Vicky re-doing things with the watches.
  • Cats attacking Timmy whenever Vicky re-does something.
  • The word re-do being said.
  • Timmy re-doing something that does not go right. (water balloon, test result, etc.)
  • After Timmy successfully does something almost impossible, a large group of people appear stating they got word on the street that he is the best at something at his school. They then reveal that they are the best at said something in the other schools and they all want Timmy to do something with them (i.e. the bullies all wanted a piece of Timmy causing the latter to bark like a wiener dog). Timmy will then re-do to get out of the situation.



Animation fail at Timmy's Mom's head

  • In some scenes, Timmy doesn't have the watch.
  • Redo means applying the action after, and undo means fixing a mistake that was done before
  • On a scene where Timmy tries to throws a water balloon to Francis, Timmy throws the balloon at someone in Paris which is somehow impossible as Timmy did not enchant the water balloon so that it could be thrown that far.
  • When Timmy's Dad says: "We're going to read the little dolphin who cried..." there are several mistakes in the animation of Timmy's Mom's head.

Word of the Episode

  • "Re-do!" is said by Timmy, Vicky, Cosmo, and Wanda, to refer to the re-do watch's effect.

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