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Timmy Turner: And I'm going to redefine your redefinition! (Timmy presses the re-do button on Cosmo)

Vicky: We're going to redefine the word fun!

Vicky: I'll start by taking your stupid, talking watch! Whoa, That was weird, Deja Vu!

Bus Driver: "Let's go!" "7:30 means 7:30!" "You guys are late, and I'm not gonna miss my soap opera!"
Vicky: "7:30!" "Now all I gotta do is make it so I get the better watch!"
Timmy: "Wait for me!"
Vicky: "Ha!" Why should I get out of your way when I can just Re-do things?" ("Timmy presses re-do on the Wanda watch")
Wanda: "Re-do!"
Vicky: "When I can just Re-do things?" "Re-do." RE-DO!!! (to the Wanda watch) WHY WON'T YOU RE-DO?
Wanda: I only work for Timmy.
[Vicky gets hit by the school bus]

Timmy: Hey, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Cosmo: Uh, ever cook bacon with your shirt off?
Timmy: No! I wish life had a reset button!

Timmy: Not 2 seconds, 2 MINUTES!
Cosmo: Re-do!

Denzel Crocker: (after seeing the answers the Timmy put into his test) Good news Turner, you've taken F to a new level. I'm going to give you A SUPER F!

Mrs. Turner: Well We're off to read bedtime stories to underprivileged, and confused dolphins.
Mr. Turner: We're going to read "The Little Dolphin Who Cried *dolphin noise*
Mrs. Turner: Have fun, you two!

Dad: Hey, guess what Timmy, we're gonna grade you on your performance!
Timmy: Oh yeah? Then I'm gonna grade you too! (grades Mr. Turner and hands his grade to him)
Dad: A "B"?
Timmy: Up-pup-pup! Questioning your grades gives you a C! (gives Mr. Turner his new grade)
Dad: Uh....uh....
Timmy: Stammering gives you a D! (gives Mr. Turner his new grade)
Dad: What? Are you crazy!!?
Timmy: Insulting the teacher, F! (gives Mr. Turner his new grade once more. After that, Dad starts crying as he and his wife leave and leave Vicky to babysit Timmy)

Mark Chang: Wassup?

French Guy: [put his hands up into the air after Timmy hits him with a water balloon] We surrender!

Chet Ubetcha: ...Leaving hundreds injured and thousands without food or water.
Vicky: Ha ha! I love a happy ending!
Timmy: Well, here goes nothing. HEY VICKY!
Vicky: I thought I already told you to go to bed, twerp!
Timmy: I can't sleep. I keep having nightmares about your BIG BUBBLE BUTT!
Vicky: WHAT!? You are SO DEAD! (Vicky approaches Timmy, but he activates his Watch)
Cosmo: Re-do!
Chet Ubetcha: ...Leaving hundreds injured and thousands without food or water.
Vicky: Ha ha! I love a happy ending!----

(Cosmo re-does to the scene similar to the Oh Yeah! Cartoons scene)
Cosmo: I'm Cosmo!
Wanda: I'm Wanda!
Cosmo and Wanda: And we're...
Timmy: Not that far!
(You can looks at this quote in The Fairly Odd Parents! (episode))

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