Timmy Turner: And I'm going to redefine your redefinition! (Timmy presses the re-do button on Cosmo)

Vicky: We're going to redefine the word fun!

Vicky: I'll start by taking your stupid, talking watch! Whoa, that was weird. Deja Vu!

Bus Driver: "Let's go!" "7:30 means 7:30!" "You guys are late and I'm not gonna miss my soap opera!"
Vicky: "7:30!" "Now all I gotta do is make it so I get the better watch!"
Timmy: "Wait for me!"
[Bus leaves without him, starts honking at Vicky]
Vicky: "Ha!" Why should I get out of your way when I can just Re-do things?" ("Timmy presses re-do on the Wanda watch")
Wanda: "Re-do!"
Vicky: "When I can just Re-do things?" "Re-do." [error noise] RE-DO!!! (to the Wanda watch) WHY WON'T YOU RE-DO?
Wanda: I only work for Timmy.
[Vicky gets hit by the school bus]

Timmy: Hey, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Cosmo: Uh, ever cook bacon with your shirt off?
Timmy: No! I wish life had a reset button!

Timmy: Not 2 seconds, 2 MINUTES!
Cosmo: Re-do!

Denzel Crocker: (after seeing the answers the Timmy put into his test) Good news Turner, you've taken F to a new level. I'm going to give you A SUPER F!

Mrs. Turner: Well, We're off to read bedtime stories to underprivileged, confused dolphins.
Mr. Turner: We're going to read "The Little Dolphin Who Cried *dolphin noise*
Mrs. Turner: Have fun, you two!

Dad: Guess what, Timmy, we're grading you on your performance!
Timmy: Oh, yeah? Well, then I'm gonna grade you too. (grades Mr. Turner and hands it to him)
Dad: [gasps] A "B"?
Timmy: Up-pup-pup! Disputing your grade gets you a "C"! (gives Mr. Turner his new grade)
Dad: But.... but.... but-
Timmy: Stammering gets you a "D"! (gives Mr. Turner his new grade)
Dad: What? Are you crazy?
Timmy: Insulting the teacher, F! (gives Mr. Turner his new grade once more. After that, Dad starts crying as he and his wife leave Vicky to babysit Timmy)

Mark Chang: Wassup?

French Guy: [put his hands in the air after Timmy hits him with a water balloon] We surrender!

Chet Ubetcha: ...Leaving hundreds injured and thousands without food or water.
Vicky: Ha, ha! I love a happy ending!
Timmy: Well, here goes nothing. HEY VICKY!
Vicky: I thought I told you to go to bed, twerp!
Timmy: I can't sleep. I keep having nightmares about your BIG BUBBLE BUTT!
Vicky: What? You are so dead! (Vicky approaches Timmy, but he activates his Watch)
Cosmo: Re-do!
Chet Ubetcha: ...Leaving hundreds injured and thousands without food or water.
Vicky: Ha, ha! I love a happy ending!

(Cosmo re-does back to the scene similar to the pilot)
Cosmo: I'm Cosmo!
Wanda: And I'm Wanda!
Cosmo and Wanda: And we're...
Timmy: Not that far!

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