"Curses! Flipsie, I'm sorry you had to hear that."

[as he is defeated the first time] "Nooo! FLIPSIE!! DON'T FORGET MEEEE!"

Dark Laser: [acts out various charade moves]
Mr. Turner: "You want to buy a sock monkey? You want to buy ALL my sock monkeys!?"
Mr. Crocker: "Fairy! You're a fairy! And I'm capturing you! FAIRIES!"
Dark Laser: [shakes his head, and continues charades]
Mrs. Turner: "Ohh, you're capturing Timmy, throwing him into a bag, releasing him into space, destroying the Earth, and then moving on with your life?!"
Dark Laser: "That's it!" [everyone laughs]

Dark Laser: "Aren't you too young for lipstick?"
Tootie: "Don't push my buttons, bub, and I won't push yours."
Dark Laser

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