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Danny's Cameo in Crash Nebula.

Danny Phantom was an American animated television show created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon, produced by Billionfold Inc. It is a sister show to The Fairly OddParents alongside T.U.F.F. Puppy. The show was about a teenage half-ghost boy, who frequently saves his town and the world from ghost attacks, while attempting to keep his ghost half a secret. It is distributed outside the United States by the Canadian animation company, Nelvana, the same as The Fairly OddParents. The show in certain ways is linked to FOP. For example, in
Crash Nebula in DP by DP Flare

Crash Nebula in Danny Phantom.

Fly Boy,

Dash's cameo in Fly Boy.

Dash Baxter makes a cameo appearance. The episode Poltergeeks is a parody of the show. At the end of a Fairly OddParents comic where Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda meet Butch Hartman, Danny, Tucker, and Sam have cameos. In addition to this, there's a Crash Nebula video game shown in one of Danny Phantom's episodes. Jorgen was mentioned in a Danny Phantom comic. This would seem to suggest that The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom take place in the same universe.

Danny and the Pac-Man ghost's cameos in Poltergeeks.

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