[Timmy and his Mom and Dad are on vacation. Mom and Dad are moving back and forth with smiles, while Timmy is bored]

Mr. Turner: Hey, Turner family. This is gonna be the greatest vacation EVER!! One whole week at the golden carcass luxury hotel in Tucson, Arizona

Timmy: (moaning)

Wanda: (in her goldfish form) Oh, what's wrong, sport? You don't seem too excited.

Timmy: It's just that my dad gets lost on the way to every vacation, (He reads the map, showing mountains, a cactus and a swimming pool. He looks out the window, scene turns into icy cold region with penguins) Dad, I don't think we're in the desert

Mr. Turner: Eh, what makes you say that, Timmy?

[The Turner car passes by Santa's Workshop at the North Pole]

Timmy: We've just passed Santa's workshop?

Elves: Merry Christmas. Huh 

[The Turner car smashed into the workshop, running over lots of elves as they drove through, one elf was stuck on the turner's windshield and fell off eventually]

Mrs. Turner: Timmy's right. [taking off her sunglasses] We're lost.

Mr. Turner: Nonsense, honey. Men had GPSses for brains. We never go the wrong way.

[Unfortinately, Turner smashed through signs that read "WRONG WAY", after that, They fall off a cliff and into a whale, which squirts them to a deserted island]


[The Turner car slammed to the ground and was smashed to pieces]

Mr. Turner: Another elf on the windshield, and another vacation gone HORRIBLY WRONG! Just like our trip to Mount St. Dimmsdale...

[Flashback shows the Turner car riding up a hill towards Mt. St. Dimmsdale, however, they went into the volcano. Luckily they didn't get burned]

Turners: (screams)

[Scene returns to Mr. Turner lying in despair]

Mr. Turner: And our trip to the Big Apple...

[Another flashback shows the same routine, except to New York City]

Turners: (screams)

[Scene returns to Mr. Turner, still lying in despair]

Mr. Turner: And our trip to Dragon Country Safari.

[Yet another flashback shows the same routine, except in the safari where the dragon in the castle burns the Turners before they dropped into the volcano]

Turners: (screams)

[Scene changes to the island]

Mr. Turner: NO! I can't ruin another vacation! I know, I'll build a boat and sail my family to safety, and I won't feel like a man till I do. I'll just feel ike a woman named LInda. (He uses his lipbalm on his mouth, Now he is Linda)

Mrs. Turner: And I'll do what I always do on these vacations. Light a signal fire and gather coconuts

Wanda: I feel bad for your father, sport. Maybe I should just poof us all back home.

Timmy: Nope, you heard my dad. He's not gonna feel better unless he saves us. Besides, he and the elf are handling things just fine.

[The elf and Mr. Turner are making a boat. Mr. Turner uses a coconut to glue the sail, but he broke his nail]

Mr. Turner: Gah, Linda broke her fingernail

Timmy: Anyway, while my dad works on saving us, I'm gonna enjoy an actual vacation.

[Timmy's godparents poofs up a radio, a juice, and a hammock]

Timmy: Ah, this is the life. Kicking back on the beach with no school, and no Mr. Crocker. [slurping his juice] I wonder what he's doing now.

[Scene changes to Mr. Crocker's fifth grade class in elementary school. Mr. Crocker was giving away an F to Sanjay]

Mr. Crocker: Hmm, It just doesn't feel the same. Here, put these on. [puts the replica of Timmy's pink hat, and Timmys tooth on to Sanjay] F!!!!

[Sanjay lying head on the ground]

Mr. Crocker: Uh, still no good, without Turner to humiliate, My life has lost all meaning. [giving away F's to each people, including Francis] I don't feel like a man anymore, I feel.. like a woman named Linda. [puts his lipbalm the same way Dad did]

[Mr. Crocker walks out and slams the door, but broke his fingernail]

Mr. Crocker: AHH! Linda broke her fingernail!!

[Scene changes back to the island. While Timmy drinks his juice, a shadow of Mrs. Turner appeared}

Mrs. Turner: Timmy? I stole these berries from an angry monkey. Would you try them to see if they're poisonous?

Timmy: No need for poisonous berries, Mom.

Mrs. Turner: Wow! Where did you get a smoothie, club sandwich, and curly fries?

Timmy: Uh... I snared them in the net?

Mrs. Turner: You're quite a little survivor, [takes the smoothie] Unlike your father, LInda


Timmy: Dad! I bought you a sandwich and a drink. WOAH!! What is this!!?

Mr. Turner: It's a boatstore! Everyone knows you can't get a boat without a boatstore.

Timmy: Uh.. Wouldn't it be easier to just build a boat?

Mr. Turner: Sure, Timmy. And it would be easier to count to 7, if 7 came before 5. But life doesn't work that way.

Timmy: Okay! Look, [took off his sunglasses] I think you've been out at the sun form a little too long. Why don't you put on some sun block?

Mr. Turner: [laughes] No need, son. I'm wearing a hat. [pointing at his octopus hat]

[Cosmo, Wanda and Poof magically appears, disguised as coconuts. They fell on Timmy on purpose]

Wanda: Timmy! I think your dad's gone a little crazy. Should we poof back to Dimmsdale now!?

Timmy: No...if my dad doesn't save us on his own, we will have to call him Linda forever, and he'll feel totally useless!

[Scene changes to Mr. Crocker, feeling totally useless]

Mr. Crocker: I feel totally useless. Oh, Linda, [looks at his face at the Ladies Store] What are you going to do? Without Turner to destroy, you've become a shell... of a woman.

[Scene changes to a tank, ready to demolish a household]

Construction Site Man: Clear the area, This building is about to be demolished!

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