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Mr. Turner: Hi Turner Family, this is gonna be the greatest vacation ever! Want hold be the Golden Carcass Vacancy in Arizona!
Timmy: Ah...

[Realizing the bomb has been activated]
Sergeant Flinch: Uh? General McCloud, Remember that bomb we lost?
General McCloud: [Screaming] Which one, Sergeant Flinch? We're the U.S. Military! We lose bombs every day!

Mrs. Turner: Where did you find that tropical drink and those french fries?
Timmy Turner: Uh, I fished them with my net!

Cosmo: What did you find, Poof?
Poof: Poof poof!
Cosmo: Oh an bomb-shaped alarm clock! I always wanted one of those!

Timmy: Without your wands, we depend on Dad to save us!
Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!

Mr. Turner / Crocker: Linda broke her fingernail!

  • Mr. Crocker: Nothing, i feel nothi-- [a building falls over him] Okay, i felt that!
  • Mrs. Turner: Timmy's right. We're lost!

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