The DNA Tracker XP-200 is a genetic tracking device that can find the location of any individual it has a reading on.


This device was invented by A.J. to monitor his teacher, Mr. Crocker, during March 15. The device reads the DNA of a person from a sample of their hair, and it can give a read out on their height, weight, hair color, and current location.


This DNA tracker resembles a Nintendo GameBoy, but with two red lights at the top, and a slot for inserting strands of hair so that the DNA tracker can read them.


Timmy Turner borrowed this device from A.J. to track his teacher, Mr. Crocker, while he traveled through time trying to find the reason behind Mr. Crocker's meanness and fairy obsession, especially on the date March 15. Eventually while in the 1970's, Timmy lost the device and Mr. Crocker found it, just before Crocker's memories of Cosmo and Wanda were wiped, he scribbled "FAIRY GODPARENTS EXIST" on the back of the tracker. Thirty years later, Mr. Crocker uses the device and a strand of Cosmo's hair, both of which he got from the past, to track Cosmo to the Turner's House. Unfortunately for Crocker, he is chased down by the angry mob that set after him thirty years ago before he can make anything of this discovery.


  • Tootie uses a very similar looking device in the episode, "Homewrecker" for tracking Timmy.

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