"Stand back and watch the love doctor operate!"

"Ugh, YOU want a cheetah too? Fine!"

"Shiny like a nickel... but not what I wanted."

"You're all off my list!"


"Good thing I'm wearing a diaper!"

"You know Mama Cosma, there is something I love more than money... YOU!"

"Oh Mama Cosma!"

"...And the average looking one."

(After being eliminated from Fairy Idol) "What!? You people have no taste!"

(After regaining his sight during the Fairly Oddlympics) "Hello there, bullseyes... the doctor will see you now"

Cupid: What did he say?
Juandissimo: I think he wants a cheetah.
Cupid: ...Ookay?" [poofs up an enraged cheetah that attacks Timmy]

"Where's the dough? Being the God of Love, I love cash!"

"Look, up in the sky! It's the chosen one! Hi!!"

"Ahh! My corneas!"

"We're mad because we never got to finish our flapjacks."

"Oh, poop! This is the worst Valentine's Day ever!"

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