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Titlecard-The Zappys The Zappys
Titlecard-Apartnership Apartnership!
Titlecard-Christmas Everyday Christmas Everyday!
Titlecard-Love Struck Love Struck!
Titlecard-The Big Bash The Big Bash
Titlecard-Fairly Odd Baby Fairly OddBaby
Titlecard-The Fairly Oddlympics The Fairly Oddlympics
Titlecard-Poofs Playdate Poof's Playdate
Titlecard-Wishology Wishology!
Titlecard-Stupid Cupid Stupid Cupid
Fairlyodd1 Fairly Odd Fairy Tales


Titlecard-Abra-Catastrophe Abra-Catastrophe!
Titlecard-Fairy Idol Fairy Idol
Titlecard-GrowUpTimmyTurner A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!
Cupid does not appear, but it is briefly mentioned that Jorgen is using Cupid's love arrows to make Timmy fall in love.

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