Crockbot 9000
Gender: Male (design)
Species: Robot
Birthday: May 13
Personal Information
  Crocker family
  Robotic Fairy Hunter
  Fairy hunting,
Blowing things up,
Spending time with his "father"
  To capture a Fairy for his "father"
Denzel Crocker (adopted "father")
Dolores-Day Crocker ("grandmother")

Ricky ("stepgrandfather")
Grandpa Crocker ("great-grandfather")

Uncle Albert ("great-uncle")
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Bad Heir Day
Latest Appearance:
  Bad Heir Day
Voiced by:
Carlos Alazraqui

The Crockbot 9000 is a childlike android stolen from a government lab by Denzel Crocker to act as his son and heir. Due to his rebellious nature though, he quickly betrayed and blasted his "father" and ran away.


Later on, when Crocker had "adopted" Poof, he had forgotten about his creation and decided that Poof would be his son and heir, but when he discovered that Poof was a Fairy, he decided to let Poof be with his own kind rather than keep him as a trophy. As Crocker left in misery though, Poof did an act of kindness for him by summoning back the Crockbot 9000 with a more kind personality. Crocker, now overjoyed with his new son, decided to celebrate by going to a restaurant and ordering a table for two, something he never had a chance to do in his entire life.

Crockbot 9000

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