(Monsters are mauling Mr. Crocker)
Wanda: Maybe we should poof them away.
Timmy Turner: Just give them a few more seconds (he then proceeds to play chess, make a ship in a bottle and paint a picture)

Dolores-Day Crocker:  Only a moron would watch this show.
(the screen goes to the Turner's House, where Mr. Turner is watching Crock Talk on his computer)
Mr. Turner: Ohh, I love this show!!!

Crocker: Really? Describe it.
Mr. Turner: It's baloney and swiss on pumpernickel.
Crocker: Not the sandwich you moron, the monster!
Mr. Turner: Oh, uh, he looks like a cross between a ugly dog and a hairless kangaroo. Oh! And he's sucking on a goat.
Crocker: That's the Chupacabra! The legendary mexican goat sucker! Give me your name and address.
Mr. Turner: My name is Timmy Turner's dad and I live in Timmy Turner's house.


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