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The Crimson Chin Author was a man briefly seen at the end of "The Big Superhero Wish!". He is the writer of the Crimson Chin comic books. He was first mentioned (but not seen) as the "forty year old dude who lives with his mom," as Timmy puts it. When the Crimson Chin asked if he made a lot of money, Timmy as Cleft pointed to the speech bubble and repeated "lives with his mom." He is later shown trying to type up a quote for the Crimson Chin when he hears a knock on the door. The guy at the door claims it's a delivery for him. When the author answers the door, he finds that it is the Nega-Chin. The Nega-Chin then states he wants the author for a little chat about heroes. Before being taken away, the author tells his mom he's going out. He is then beaten to a pulp by the Nega-Chin who wanted to make sure he wins in the comic books. It is very likely this failed since he is never shown defeating the Crimson Chin yet in any of the Chin's appearances after The Big Superhero Wish!. The live action author is played by comedian Patton Oswalt.


  • He is one of two real humans seen in The Fairly OddParents, the other one was Scott Hamilton.
  • Although he was mentioned to be 40, Patton Oswalt, the actor who portrayed him, was 33-34 at the timing "The Big Superhero Wish" aired.
  • The Crimson Chin Author's name is Elmer Marmelman. This could be a reference to Butch Hartman's real first name (Elmer) and the last name of one of the series' writers, Steve Marmel.


  • "As long as there is a single zit on teenage face of justice..."
  • "No, that's dumb, the Crimson Chin would never say that... Unless I tell him to!!"
  • Who is it?
  • Oh, I hope is a new issue of Nerds Who Live With Their Mothers Monthly.
  • Mom, I'm going out!


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