(Mr. Turner has just torn down the bathroom door down with his hands)
Mr. Turner: (to Timmy) You're clean enough! (throws Timmy out of the tub and into the hallway. Timmy's parents then repair up the door that Mr. Turner torn down)
Timmy: Well, at least I'm naked in my own house!
Wanda: Speak for yourself. [glares at Cosmo who is shown naked and filing his nails]
Cosmo: [naked] What? Everybody's doin' it!

Mr. Turner: I can't believe I let you talk me into a water-drinking contest!
Wanda: Oh, no! It's Timmy's parents!
Cosmo: Oh, no! Back in the filth!

Crimson Chin: It just goes to show you, Olga, whether you live a life of crime, you'll always be #2!

H2Olga: Now that I've destroyed this page of the book, there's nothing to stop me from destroying... page 8!
Crimson Chin: NO! That's where the staples are. Without them, the book will fall apart! Must... stop... H2Olga!

H2Olga: Oh, you're so cute and innocent. I can't wait to raise you to be evil.
(Meanwhile in the Naked City)
Timmy: I'll just take this shortcut through the Dimmsdale Museum of Science and Natural History and I'll be home in no time!

Crimson Chin: H2Olga? You're the hefty man, screaming for help?
H2Olga: That's right, Crimson Chin. I need help, arranging your funeral once I use my control of all liquids to destroy you once and for all. [makes a water fountain squirt tiny water]
Crimson Chin: [raises a finger, gets hit by water]
H2Olga: Ha! Had enough?
Crimson Chin: Ha! Surrender, silly villain. This is a city. There is no body of water large enough for you to smite me.

Timmy: I should be able to get home in time, I just hope nobody sees me.
The Mayor of Dimmsdale: And now, Chompy and I are proud to announce our Dimmsdale street corner traffic cameras are finally up and running! We can now see what's going on on any given street corner at any given time.
Crowd: Ooh.
Mayor: That's right, Chompy. And now flip the switch, and send the streets of Dimmsdale into the future! [TV shows Timmy naked] Chompy, shield your eyes!!!

Crimson Chin: This looks like a job for... The Crimson Chin!- And this metaphorist young humanoid.

Charles Hampton Indigo: It's my pleasure, Beverly Boulevard, non-superpowered reporter for the Daily Blabbity. It is my hope that by doing something nice for you, you will entern, fall in love with me, the sensetive, caring man, who's always pined for you.
Beverly Boulevard: What?
Charles Hampton Indigo: Oops, did that come out of my mouth? That was supposed to stay in a thought bubble.

Timmy: I can't have a nice, relaxing soak in the tub with last month's Crimson Chin, I need THIS month's edition! I wish I was at the comic store!
Wanda: What about your parents?
Cosmo: I don't think they read comics.

Timmy: You mean- you're not gonna stay in here just to make sure I take it?
Mr. Turner: Ho ho ho, Timmy, you're ten. You're old enough to be naked in a tub of water all by yourself now.
Mrs. Turner: Besides-
Mom and Dad: We totally trust you! [seal the door, hammer boards, put a desk, a chair and a pot with flowers and clap hands]

Kid #1: Do my ears deceive me? Was that the cry of "Naked Lad"?
Kid #2: Let's get his naked autograph!
Timmy: [screams, runs away]
Kid #1: I told ya he had super naked speed!

Timmy: Cool, I'm at the comic store! (looks down) Not cool! I'm NAKED at the comic store!!! [Camera zooms out showing he is naked, but being censored by a cardboard figurine.]

Chester: It's cool, and by cool, I mean: Who cares!!!

Timmy: But, Mom. I don't see why I have to take a bath.
Mrs. Turner: That's because the dirt's blocking your eyes.

Wanda: What's the matter, Timmy?
Cosmo: Besides the fact that we're swimming in your filth.

Cosmo: H2Olga? She retains water and evil!

Wanda: Well, whadda ya wanna do next?
Cosmo: Let's see how long we can hold our breath underwater!
Wanda: But you're a fish. You don't have to hold your breath!
Cosmo: What?

The Baby: [poops in her diaper]
Crimson Chin: Well, now that it's empty, at least things can't get any worse!
Baby: [cries]
Crimson Chin: [puts the diaper on the baby's head, then on his chin, and where it's supposed to be]

Timmy: As long as Mom and Dad don't have to go to the bathroom for any reason, I'll be OK.
Mr. Turner: Hey, honey. Let's have a water-drinking contest!
Mrs. Turner: OK, just as soon as I'm done sprinkling these chocolate laxatives on my high Fiber-Os! And for added fun, let's make it prune juice.
Mr. Turner: You're on. Prune me up, baby!

H2Olga: I'll get out of here, Crimson Chin, and when I do-
Baby: [poops in the diaper]
H2Olga: [screams as the baby does this]

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